Only half of small businesses are prepared for cyber attacks!

We at OWC Pro It Services would just like to give all of you small and medium size businesses out there a reminder of the stats.

A recent survey showed that only half of small businesses are ready to handle a cyberattack, even though the threat of one is a top concern. Small businesses can take action ahead of time to reduce their risk and increase preparedness to both prevent and manage attacks.

This is exactly why investing into a good MSP like us is essential. Most smaller businesses have a handy tech guy on hand that probably is good at helping you set up the basic components of IT in your business. However , Managing and monitoring the security of your companies information is a much different thing than setting up a printer for the office.

Check out this article by securityintelligence . com that goes over the details of just how many businesses aren’t prepared for something as serious as a cyber attack of any kind.

Give yourself a break and invest in a quality MSP. You will not regret it. Stay strong out there everyone! Stay protected and have a good weekend!

Only Half of Small Businesses Are Prepared for Cyberattacks