Multi-factor Authentication is a simple yet effective way to drastically improve the protection of your information!

   Let’s hone in on a more specific topic today! Multi-Factor Authentication and its importance! Many people overlook this very critical protective layer in there business and daily lives.

As the name implies, MFA blends at least two separate factors. One is typically your username and password, which is something you know. The other could be something you have.For example , a cellphone, keycard, or USB could all verify your identity. Lastly, something you are can be used as a factor. Fingerprints, iris scans, or some other biometric data that can prove that you are who you say you are.

These secondary factors drastically improve the security in any given system you regularly access on a daily basis be it your computer ,phone or server.

The next time you decide to omit the implementation of MFA in your business or personal life for that matter, remember that the very minor inconvenience of setting it up is saving you a lot of heart ache in the future statistically, as it dramatically reduces the risk of data breeches/ data loss.

We hope you all had a great memorial day and wish you a productive, safe, protected week!
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