Is that call for real?

Have you receive a call from the IRS stating that they are in the process of filing suit against you? Or, has Microsoft or Apple contacted you to inform you that they have detected viruses on your computer or mobile device?  You may have even received a call where the first question asked is “Can you hear me OK?” These are scams that are trying to get your money.

Scammers will try several different things to get to your money.  It may be as simple as asking for a credit card payment to settle a debt.  Some of these scams are much more elaborate. They may try to get personal information from you by asking to confirm your identity.  They can even get you by recording your voice and using it to show that you agreed to purchase something from them.  Calls from supposed tech companies may be looking to gain access to your computer.

If you receive these calls, the best thing is not to answer.  If you do find yourself on one of these scam calls, don’t worry.  You can hang up as soon as you think it is a scam. If you are in question if the call is real, You should call the direct number to thart company.

In the end, Microsoft, Apple and other tech companies are not monitoring your devices for viruses or other problems.  The IRS will not contact you over the phone.  If you r credit card or bank calls you, they will be very specific as to who they are and will be able to confirm your information.  Even with the bank and credit card scenario, if is best to hang up and call the number on the back of your card.  Stay safe and don’t give out your information unless you know exactly who you are giving your information to and what they intend to do with it.