Can You Find The Mistakes in This Phishing Email?

This is a fake email created to try and trick you into downloading malware or give out your account information.  When you get an email like this, look for signs that it is fake.  Here are the mistakes on this email.

  1.   The From email address is not  It ends with Business will use a legitimate email domain to send notices from.
  2.   In the body of the message it says “office 356”  Office is not capitalized and it should be 365.  Bad spelling and grammar is a big sign its fake.
  3.   It says you have “at least 24 hours to review”  I’m pretty sure Microsoft would give you an exact time to expect your account to be disabled.  I have never heard of them disabling any accounts except when a payment is not processed.

We have seen emails similar to this claiming to be from all types of websites.  These include Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and banking institutions.  When you receive emails like this, don’t click any links and delete it right away.  Even if it is questionable, you should log in to your accounts by typing in the address in a browser and not from a link in your email.

Stay Safe